5 Benefits of Adding Bedside Table to a Room

In any room, the bed has always been the focal point, but other furniture items help make a bedroom décor look complete. A bedside table is one such versatile piece of furniture that helps to keep a bedroom look organized and clean. There are several models of bedside tables available in the market, and most of them are wooden. Some come with long legs, some with extra drawers, while some can be even mounted on the wall to save space. There are several benefits of investing in a bedside table, and you can practically place this in any room, let’s see some of its benefits.

 1. In the Bedroom- Placing a bedside table near your bed helps you to keep essential things like glasses, medicines, books well within your reach. If you have the habit to read a book before you go to sleep, then placing a bed lamp on this table will help you create sufficient light for your reading, and it makes it easier for you to reach out to turn it off before you sleep without having to get out of the bed. If you like to watch TV, then this table comes in handy to place the remote and other gadgets like your phone.

2. In the Dining Area- If you thought bedside tables are meant only for your bedroom, then let us tell you that these make a great addition to your other rooms like the dining area. You can place it right next to your dining table 6 seater or 4 seaters, to hold your spoons, forks, tissues, towel, and other essential dining cutlery. You can organize your pickle jars, jam bottles, sauce bottles on top of the table to keep them handy while you sit down to dine.

3. In the Living Room- Place this multipurpose table near the living room entrance to hold your car or bike keys in one drawer, other drawer can be used to hold your mails and bills that need to be paid. A beautifully crafted bedside table that holds an antique vase with lovely blooms can further accentuate the overall look of the living room. Stylish photo frames can also be placed to catch the attention of visitors.

4. In the Kids Room- Get a bedside table with several cabinets and drawers and keep your kid’s stationary, small toys, storybooks all in one place, systematized arranged. You can also place a bottle of water, in case your child feels thirsty in the middle of the night, and a small lamp so they don’t get scared at night.

  1. In the Kitchen- Urban dwellers often struggle with enough space to store things in the kitchen. A practical solution would be to add a bedside table to the kitchen. Get a bedside table with long, stool-like legs with multiple drawers. You can place your microwave or even an air fryer on top of it, and use the cabinets and drawers to hold the spices and ladles.

The above 5 creative benefits of a bedside table are practical, useful, and space-efficient.

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