Determining Liability For Damage Caused By a Dog Bite in Edwardsville

Most animals will not attack unless they feel threatened, but unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible caregivers. No breed of dog is inherently “dangerous,” but if they are subjected to improper training, violence, or neglect, they may become aggressive. In most cases, the fault lies with the owner’s negligence or lack of caution when their dog bites or attacks someone. If you have recently been the victim of a dog bite or attack, it is important to seek the help of a skilled Edwardsville personal injury lawyer.

Who is Responsible for a Dangerous Dog Attack?

When a dog behaves aggressively and causes harm or damage to people, animals, or property, it’s essential to identify who is liable for the consequences. In general, the owner of the dog is strictly responsible for any harm caused by their pet, even if they didn’t intend for it to happen. However, the laws differ depending on the circumstances.

A dog is considered dangerous if it has caused serious injury or death to a person, or if the local animal control authority has declared it potentially dangerous. This can occur if the dog has bitten someone severely enough to require hospitalization or cosmetic surgery, or if it has attacked another animal outside of the owner’s property.

If a dangerous dog attack happens on a rented property, the landlord may also be held accountable for compensation. If the landlord was aware or should have known that one of their tenants owned a dangerous dog, they may be required to pay for any damages caused by the attack.

Taking Responsibility: Owners of Aggressive Dogs

Owning an aggressive dog comes with a significant responsibility to protect the safety of others and prevent any harm or damage caused by their pet. State laws are clear on what owners of dangerous dogs must do to comply with their legal obligations.

To prevent potential attacks, owners of aggressive dogs are prohibited from leaving their pets unattended on their property unless the animal is securely confined indoors. Moreover, it is illegal to allow dangerous dogs to roam freely without a collar, muzzle, or other reliable forms of restraint.

Taking necessary precautions is critical to ensure the safety of everyone, including the owners themselves. By taking responsibility and complying with the law, owners of aggressive dogs can help prevent devastating consequences and promote responsible pet ownership.

Final Thoughts:

By following these legal obligations, owners of aggressive dogs can ensure the safety of everyone, including themselves and their pets. It’s essential to take responsibility and comply with the law to avoid any potential legal consequences and promote responsible pet ownership.


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