IX: What Can You Do If You Are Accused Of Sexual Assault

One of the most serious accusations you might face is sexual assault. Your future opportunities and even your freedom might be in danger due to these accusations. Your handling of sexual assault allegations, especially how you respond to them, can impact how a case progresses and how the public views you. Contact a Los Angeles title ix attorney if you have been charged with sexual assault.

Title IX: What can you do if you are accused of sexual assault

Sexual assault is defined as “criminal sexual conduct,” and it involves five different types of punishment, which includes:

  1. First degree criminal sexual conduct

This charge typically involves the offender having any sort of sexual contact with the victim while exerting force resulting in injury or if the victim is a minor. A maximum sentence of 30 years in jail and a $40,000 fine are potential penalties for conviction.

  1.  Second degree criminal sexual conduct

The allegation usually involves forceful sexual contact with a victim’s privates, including overgarments. A conviction involves a possible 25-year sentence in jail and a $35,000 fine.

  1. Third degree criminal sexual conduct

This offense often includes an accused person committing sexual penetration of a victim who is a minor, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who is under the supervision of a position of power. The maximum punishment is 15 years in jail and a fine of $30,000.

  1. Fourth degree criminal sexual conduct

This offense involves engaging in a sexual encounter without penetration and carries a maximum 10-year jail penalty as well as a $20,000 fine. After being determined guilty, the person who committed the crime has to register as a sexual predator and undergo the appropriate therapy.

Protecting your rights

It is essential to take action immediately if you have been suspected of sexual assault. The school could be violating the rights of the accused student if it performs an investigation according to the rules of Title IX and initiates action against the student. Any school’s interrogations, interviews, collecting of evidence, and disciplinary hearings could end in significant life-threatening consequences for the accused student, including expulsion and being labeled as a “sex offender.”

To protect your rights, if you or someone you know has been accused of sexual assault or Title IX violations, you should speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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