8 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is not easy for every couple. Rather many people fight a long battle to get this blessing. After conceiving a baby, the main concern is to have a healthy pregnancy. And everyone is in search of tips for a healthy pregnancy. 

Healthy pregnancy is not only linked with your diet and nutrition, but also to your lifestyle. You OBGYN always takes your medical and family history to know the risk factors during your pregnancy. Similarly, OBGYN can guide you better for your diet and lifestyle according to your condition and history. You can consult the best gynecologists in Lahore through Marham. 

But for your information, here are some common tips that can help you to have a healthy pregnancy. That are not only good for you but also for your unborn baby. 

Start With Vitamins:

You should start taking multivitamins especially folic acid while planning to conceive. Vitamins are very essential for you and your baby. Folic acid is essential for the neural tube development of the baby. Similarly, other vitamins and minerals are necessary for you and your baby’s growth and development. You should take iron and calcium supplements to fulfil your body’s demands. Usually pregnant women face lowering of hemoglobin levels. In this situation, you need more iron in your diet or in the form of supplements. 

Quit Smoking:

We all know this; smoking is injurious to health. Even then the smokers are not ready to quit this bad habit. But when you are pregnant, you should completely quit this habit. Even your partner should not smoke in the presence of you.  

Eat Healthy:

Healthy diet with all the important nutrients is very important for you and your baby. In pregnancy, you need carbs, proteins, vitamins, mineral, fiber and healthy fats. Your diet can be according to your weight and height. But generally, 

  • You need a lot of fiber, so that you can avoid constipation. Fiber also helps in controlling the blood glucose levels. That’s why eat raw fruits and vegetables.
  • You also need protein in your diet. Take fish, dairy products, chicken and pulses to fulfil your protein demand.
  • Eat vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Avocadoes, berries, bananas, apple and pear are the best choice among the many other healthy fruits. Similarly, eat spinach, broccoli, egg plant, and other vegetables to get benefit from them. If you are not able to follow a proper plan, consult best dietitian in your area. 

Practice Yoga:

Yoga is the best way to stay active and relaxed. During pregnancy, you suffer from a lot of mood swings because of hormonal and physical changes. That’s why you need to calm your mind first, so that you can focus on your and your baby’s health. 

Yoga helps in making your body muscles strong. It facilitates your birth process. Similarly, it helps you in breathing properly. Women who practice yoga during pregnancy have more chances of normal vaginal delivery than those who don’t practice it. 

Adequate Sleep:

Sleep is very important during pregnancy. The physical changes during pregnancy, make it very difficult for a pregnant woman to sleep properly. 7-8 sleep at night is important to stay healthy. And pregnant women can also take nap of an hour during the daytime to relax herself. 

Quit Alcohol:

Alcohol and caffeine are very dangerous for your baby. During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid alcohol completely as it may cause severe damage to fetus and your health. 

Never Skip Breakfast:

During pregnancy, especially the first trimester, nausea and vomiting are the main problems. And many pregnant women cant eat anything properly due to this nausea and vomiting. But breakfast is very important for you during pregnancy. Even if you feel nauseating, you should eat your breakfast. And never starve yourself after vomiting. Eat something light or drink juice to calm your nausea. And eat in small portions. 

Stay Active:

Lying down in your bed is not a healthy option for you during pregnancy. It is important for you and your baby to stay active during this period. You should to pregnancy safe exercises and do your daily household chores that can keep you active. 

Gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy is not good for you and your baby. Eating junk and high fats containing foods are totally not acceptable, if you want a healthy pregnancy. As these mistakes can lead you to gestational diabetes or hypertension during the pregnancy. And these problems can create problem during your childbirth. 

Your gynecologist is the health specialist who can guide you properly about your diet and weight gain according to your BMI and history. It is always important to get an expert advice. You can consult the best doctors of Pakistan through Marham. 

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