Big Chances To Win Like PCH Sweepstakes

Whenever someone mentions sweepstakes, it usually turns a lot of heads. After all, who does not want a chance to win millions of dollars! Publishers Clearing House is one of the most famous sponsors of sweepstakes. They have been around since 1953 offering ordinary people a chance to win millions of dollars. PCH used to send sweepstakes entries to households all over the country. Anyone who wanted to enter the PCH sweepstakes had to mail in their entry. Nowadays, PCH sweepstakes can be entered online through their website. You just have to create an account to play the games on their website. PCH is not the only provider of online sweepstakes. Win Big Money also has dozens of sweepstakes games on the website that you can try your luck at.

All the Fun Games In One Place

To get started, you can create an account at Just find their phone number on the website and text them your photo ID and phone number. They will create an account for you and give you instructions on how to log in to play. Once you create an account, you will have access to many online games where you can play to win real cash. So, PCH sweepstakes are not the only way to win money. You can play the games on Win Big Money for a chance to win as well.

Not Just Sweepstakes

In addition to sweepstakes, PCH also provides other opportunities to win cash and prizes. They have slots games and tournaments for people who want to try it. Win Big Money also has the best slots games on their site. You can play these games anywhere by logging in to your account. It is easy to play games on your mobile device. When you log in, it is like having a gaming machine right in your hands.

Free Sweepstakes Entries

You do not have to purchase anything to enter the sweepstakes. PCH allows people to log in every day to enter their PCH sweepstakes. At, you can also enter sweepstakes everyday. In fact, as a member, you can request 100 free entries every 24 hours. Each entry is a chance to win, and there are winners everyday. You never know if the next winner can be you.

Do People Really Win?

PCH sweepstakes are very popular. Because they are so famous, millions of people enter them, and they enter them every day. That means the odds of winning can be a long shot, but it is not impossible. Ordinary people win when they least expect it. When that white van with the green PCH logo appears on your block, you know that someone in the neighborhood will probably get a big surprise! If you want better odds at winning, however, you should enter the sweepstakes at Real people win money everyday. They do not have millions of people entering like PCH sweepstakes, so that means your odds at winning are better. You can also enter for free everyday because you do get 100 free entries if you just request them.

Terrific Incentives at Win Big Money

As popular as PCH sweepstakes are, they do not have something that Win Big Money has, and that is an incentive program. Win Big Money will give you 500 free play credits if you refer your friend to sign up. All your friend has to do is to provide your name as the referrer when he requests an account to be created for him. After he funds his account, you will get 500 free credits in your own account, and so will your friend. Plus, there is no limit to how many people you refer to. You get 500 free credits for each of them. That is a very generous program that not many online gaming providers offer. You can use your free credits to play your favorite slots games and have a chance to win more money.

In addition to the referral program, Win Big Money also has periodic promotions and bonuses that they offer to their members. To get in on these, you need to follow the company on Facebook. This is where they announce new promotions and give you instructions on redeeming the free credits offered by the promotion. For these, you have to act fast and claim them because the credits can expire.

Although PCH sweepstakes are very popular, they are not the only game in town. You get better odds at winning at You can also earn more free credits to play by referring friends and family to sign up. Widen your chances of winning by signing up for both. Even though PCH sweepstakes have very long odds, someone does win. While you are waiting for the winner to be announced for PCH sweepstakes, you can play games at and enjoy better odds at winning real cash.

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